Come to taste, inspire,
work and Meet.




The Mauritskazerne

360° Tasting Experience
in The Mauritskazerne

Tasting in the Mauritskazerne is a unique tasting experience that tingles all your senses. Hear, see, smell, feel and taste; get ready for a taste experience on your plate with a touch of visual magic. 

Experience it yourself

The center of food in The Netherlands

Food connects. Food inspires. Food excites. Nowhere else do you experience this more than at the Maurtiskazerne. This is the perfect food meeting place for companies, organizations and governments. A unique location in the heart of the FoodVally to work, meet, taste and gather. Experience it all at the World Food Centre in Ede!

Circular location
with a rich history

The Maurtiskazerne was built between 1904 and 1906 in a neo-Renaissance style. The majestic entrance, high ceilings and large arched windows give this location a unique appearance. The industrial look is enhanced by the use of mainly recycled materials. The monumental building has recently been renovated to a fully sustainable building, so you can enjoy all the modern facilities that the Maurtiskazerne has to offer. The location not only has an inspiring past but also a very exiting future. Everything you eat and drink comes from local farmers, bakers and other food producers in the FoodValley region. Tasty, sustainable, circular and future-proof.