Have a meeting in a
food themed national monument

Consult in the Mush Room, have a brainstorm session in the Sweet Room, hold your strategic session in the Potato Room or get active in the Chef’s Room. With four food-style meeting rooms, your meeting in the Maurtiskazerne is an experience that sparks inspiration and creativity. All areas are luxuriously furnished and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. When you book a meeting room, you can use it for the entire day. You can also put together your own food package, a lot of our food items are locally made. Discover the best meeting place in the Netherlands yourself!

Unique in The Netherlands


Choose one of our programs or create your own

Sweet room

From pastries to sweets; this meeting room takes you into the world of the tastiest guilty pleasures…

Potato room

It may look very Dutch, but looks can be deceiving. Dive into the story of the potato in this meeting room.

Mush room

We all know the mushroom and the chanterelle, but there’s a lot more then meets the eye. Welcome to a meeting room that is all about the mushroom.

Chef's Room

Step into our food workshop and get to work with food yourself. The room is perfect for workshops or an active meeting. Need some inspiration during your meeting? Our foodbooks can help you out and are always there to help you out.

Put together your own food arrangement

We make sure that you have everything you need during your meeting. Coffee and tea with some sweets are always available. You also have the opportunity to order a lunch made from local products. If you’re curious about our food arrangements, you can check out our Foodbook. Another possibility is to have a lunch à la carte with your colleagues or guests in the lunchroom.